Is my chiropractic treatment working?

This is a very important question for you to ask yourself.  You are, after all, visiting the chiropractor (and paying him!) to alleviate or correct a problem you are experiencing.  You may have been in an accident, or you may just be suffering the effects of a more sedentary lifestyle after sitting at a desk all day for the last 15 years or so.  In any case, after a few sessions of adjustments, you should be noticing a marked improvement in your situation.


But what if I’m not?

If you’re not feeling better – or feeling healthier, if you’re undergoing adjustments for preventative care – then you need to make sure your chiropractor is ‘on the ball’.  He should be asking for your feedback during and after each session, and if he finds that you’re not being helped, he should be considering other treatment options or environmental impediments (such as poor ergonomics in the workplace).

At the same time, it’s important for you, as the patient, to realize that there is often not immediate relief from pain at the end of a session.  Indeed, it’s much like going to a gym for the first time.  By the time you’ve done a few sets of reps on the machines, you’re sore as all get out, right?  It’s the same with an adjustment, as the muscles along the spine are being forcefully manipulated in a manner that they are not during normal day to day actions.

That being said, after a few sessions things should be improving in the pain department.


Well, what do we try then?

If you’re not showing improvement, your chiropractor should come up with a plan B – such as focusing on a different spinal area or changing the techniques being used.  Chiropractors are, after all, highly educated and well trained professionals, with a wealth of information to draw on in difficult cases.

In some cases, he may recommend bringing in another medical specialist, such as a physical therapist or even a massage therapist.  In such cases the two specialists will work together to arrive at a treatment regimen that will bring you back to 100%.

It may even come to pass that your chiropractor cannot, end the end, alleviate your pain.  In which case, he should help you find another chiropractor or medical specialist and pass your car on to the new doctor.  If you have a good chiropractor, his first concern should be, after all, your health and well-being. And if it’s not, you need to get yourself out of his office immediately, because he’s probably using you to help make payments on that new Jaguar out in the parking lot!


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Top Chiropractor of Chattanooga

I was looking for the top chiropractor in Chattanooga. My General Physician diagnosed a strained muscle when I told him I could no longer raise my arm past a 90 degree angle to my shoulder, couldn’t reach behind my back at all and getting more difficult to dress myself. Been going on over 4 months and slowly getting worse. He was no help whatsoever, just said “strained muscle, it’ll get better on its own”. I went to a top chiropractor in the Chattanooga area, she reckoned it was a trapped nerve, did some manipulation – some of which was a bit outside my comfort zone but bearable, gave me some exercises, which increased slightly in difficulty over the sessions. At that moment, I knew she was a top Chattanooga chiropractor. She did a little bit of the back/neck cracking stuff – though not painful I can’t say I liked it much. After five sessions my arm is much better, still ‘jars’ sometimes when I forget to be a bit careful, can raise it straight up above my head now. I definitely think she helped where my General Physician clearly didn’t, and don’t feel the need to return.


A top chiropractor is hard to find around Chattanooga. I figured I would have to go further to find someone who is on top of their profession. There seem to be more than a few medical doctors who have misdiagnosed, killed and maimed patients. Does that mean ALL medical doctors are bad? I’ve been with my current chiropractor for twenty years. She is a top chiropractor chattanooga. She quit twice to have her children and I tried a few others who were mediocre at best so was relieved when she returned. I certainly would try a chiropractor before ever considering surgery. chiropractor has been around for more than 100 years in the US, so perhaps UK chiropractors don’t have the same level of training nor experience. I certainly wouldn’t see someone who was newly licensed. The most common type has a wadge of calcium salts or chalk in the tendon over the head of the humerus and this catches on the underside of the joint at the point of the shoulder. Ouch. Success from your chiropractor probably the result of making you move a joint you were holding stiff to avoid pain.


If it comes back ask your GP for a proper investigation to avoid further problems. In the many stories of chiropractor disasters I wonder if you are talking about osteopaths. Either way, there is an official body overseeing their training and registration. Just like doctors, you can make complaints about them to this body and just like doctors you can sue for damages through the courts. In these days of no win, no fee, it is a simple matter to ask an injury lawyer to comment and just like the adverts say – you will not need to go to court. Modern chiropractors and osteopaths are expected to make proper inquiry and examination before they treat and they all have access to X-rays so it should be a simple matter to avoid making neck aches worse and running the risk of paralysis or increased pain after manipulations. Another huge concern I have is the expense.


Currently I have $16,500 taken out in loans after the first term and as soon as I start the second that will be doubled. Is it possible to get the loans to pay for med school after already having this taken out without having to pay off my chiropractor school debt first?


What Causes Chronic Pain?

As much as you want to visit chiropractor Hixson, it is important to know what causes chronic pain so that you can be better prepared to deal with it. People with chronic pain often think that they are suffering from a specific ailment but this may not be the case. But if you have been suffering from a certain pain for several months, you may simply be suffering from chronic pain, and not necessarily from back pain, arthritis, migraines or something else.

What is chronic pain?

Chronic pain is a complex condition that affects hundreds of millions of people across Europe. Despite many years that have been put in research, many people still don’t understand chronic pain and don’t know how to manage it. It has been found that even comprehensive treatment with pain killing drugs only treats half of the people with chronic pain.

The causes

It is important to know what causes chronic pain. Most of the causes can be attributed to a specific injury while others are a combination of more than two causes. There are still other cases of chronic pain with no specific cause. However, many cases of chronic pain can be attributed to the following:

  • Low back pain
  • Headache
  • Arthritis, especially osteoarthritis
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Shingles
  • Fibromyalgia]
  • Nerve damage (neuropathy)

It is important to treat the underlaying condition rather than concentrating on the pain. However, that may not resolve the chronic pain because doctors often treat the chronic pain as a condition on its own. This requires treatment that concentrates on addressing the patients psychological and physical condition.

Chronic pain is a matter of biology where Errant nerve impulses keep sending signals to the brain that there is tissue damage, which may no longer be existing. However, complex psychological and social factors may also be at play and they may also determine the severity of the pain. So, if you can also take care of your psychological and emotional health, it may be a big factor in determining how you fair.

Negative emotions, including anxiety and sadness seem to aggravate an already bad situation. For example, dwelling on your discomfort may cause your chronic pain more painful and difficult to treat. If you chronic pain was caused by a job related injury, having a poor job satisfaction may make you more disabled by the pain. Hence, negative emotions can act as both the cause and the results of chronic pain. For instance, if you have a socially active person and then develop chronic pain all of a sudden, then you might be depressed.

However, doctors advises that if you have chronic pain, the best way to deal with is not being tough with it. Understanding that it might take time for you to get completely healed is very important because if you expect quick results yet they are taking long to come, you might become frustrated and attempt to look for the next solution before ascertaining that the previous solution did not work.